The company consists of five departments which are;

Education Department : This department is responsible for Physics, Chemistry, Biology kits, science and museum products.
Access control and Smart Card Department : This department is responsible for smart cards, card printers and various access control systems.

Graphics, Photography and Animation Department : The graphics and animation department has the responsibility of all graphics related operations including ,but not limited to, user interface designs for software and hardware, catalog and poster designs.
Research and Development Department : The R&D department is responsible for all research and development activities. Renko is proud of its R&D department as it has developed and completed many innovative and profitable projects for the company. Our high-tech research facilities are at Middle East Technical University “Technopolis” and at Renko headquarters.
Production Department : With its good production to cost ratio the production department is crucial to the company.

These departments are distributed throughout our eleven different offices which consist of five service centers situated in different parts of Turkey, two branch offices, two research areas one production area and a head office. The company also has a branch in Istanbul.

We are proud owners of ISO 9001-2000 certificates as well as a Quality and Service certificate from the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).